10th Session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

Posted by Reacción Climática on 3 Ee abril Ee 2014 a las 14:50 Comments comentarios (0)

10th Session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals Focus Area 7: Energy

Thank you Mr. Chair,

My name is Carmen Capriles from Reacción Cimática and speaking on behalf of the MGs Women, Youth, Indigenous Peoples and international networks including Slowcat and IBON and others, representing over 1000 organizations worldwide.

We support the i...

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Rights of Nature a natural fit for women religious

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by Elise D. García

The snow fell steadily through the night and into the morning, adding another 5 or 6 inches to the layers blanketing the ground from earlier snowfalls. At our house – just outside the city limits of Adrian, Mich., and 3 miles from the motherhouse of the Adrian Dominican Sisters – we can hear the clang and hum of three oil rigs, drilling 24/7, breaking the winter stillnes...

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Women Connect to Boost Resilience of Planet

Posted by Reacción Climática on 27 Ee septiembre Ee 2013 a las 23:40 Comments comentarios (0)

By Jensine Larsen

Women everywhere are claiming power and linking networks to restore the Earth and address climate change. They are harnessing digital media and in-person convenings to accelerate the movement, operating as an immune system to boost the Earth’s resilience.

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Rio+20 protesters perform 'ritual rip-up' of negotiated text

Posted by Reacción Climática on 21 Ee junio Ee 2012 a las 3:35 Comments comentarios (0)

Anger rises at Rio Earth summit, as raucous demo focuses on Future We Want text that 'moves us forward by inches'

Jonathan Watts, in Rio de Janeiro, Thursday 21 June 2012 

Activists protest at the Rio+20 conference centre against the weakness of the agreement.

Photograph: Alex Farrow...

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BOLIVIA: Native Protesters Celebrate Law Cancelling Rainforest Road

Posted by Reacción Climática on 25 Ee octubre Ee 2011 a las 21:30 Comments comentarios (0)

Franz Chávez

LA PAZ, Oct 25 2011 (IPS) - With victory cheers and predictions of future campaigns in defence of their ancestral territory, indigenous protesters from Bolivia’s Amazon jungle region celebrated the new law that banned the construction of the road through their rainforest reserve.


Foto: C. Capriles

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