7th Session of the Open Working Group: Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reducction

Posted by Reacción Climática on 7 Ee enero Ee 2014 a las 13:45

Speaker from the floor for the 7th Session of the Open Working Group: Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reducction.

Thank you Mr. Chair,

My name is Carmen Capriles from Reacción Climática and I speak on behalf or the Women`s Major Group.

We understand that many member states are hesitant of having an SDG goal on climate protection.

However, we are concerned, that if climate change is only addressed as a cross cutting issue, it will not get the needed priority attention it needs.

Science shows that climate action that will put the world at 2º degrees is no longer enough to avert impacts of climate change.

Advancements in all other goal areas can be wiped out immediately if we do not address climate change!!!

We therefore MUST ASSURE a strong priority for AMBITIOUS GENDER SENSITIVE CLIMATE targets in all goal areas of the SDGs although we are still discussing the need of a standalone goal on climate change.

In that sence have many recommendations, but as I only have 1 min left, I want to highlight these recommendations

Climate change and energy related goals should explicitly exclude inefficient approaches to climate change mitigation that have proven to be inequitable, ineffective, dangerous and otherwise unsustainable.

Also fiscal measures like carbon trading, and carbon tax, large-scale bioenergy production, large dams, forest carbon offsets, geo-engineering and nuclear energy cannot be applied without a clear understanding of their overall social, economic and ecological impacts, and if there is any doubt, long-agreed Agenda 21 principles including the precautionary principle must apply.

We hope that the parties take into account this close and strong relationship that if is not solve it will keep on being a setback on the eradication of poverty and achievement of sustainable development.

Thank you!

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