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Thank you Madam Chair.

The Major Group Children and Youth supports the development of SDGs that will respond to the

complex interrelations between new global development challenges in an era marked by rapid

change in social, environmental, and economic arenas.The SDGs should tackle the underlying

drivers of social injustice and environmental degradation, at all times taking into consideration the

links between poverty, gender inequality, climate change, biological diversity, macroeconomic

structures, consumption patterns, and human rights protection.SDGs should be universally

recognizable, simple, and clear. Overall time frames for goals should be differentiated by shorter

term targets. Similarly, each target should be differentiated according to regional and national

realities, need and ability to execute, and developed according to country-relevant indicators set at

national level for greater accountability, monitoring, and ownership. It is clear to us that the SDGs

must build from the Rio Principles, Agenda 21, JPOI, Millennium Declaration, the World Programme

of Action for Youth, and other internationally agreed development processes to become a new

overarching set of goals. In the view of the MGCY, the post-2015 framework, including the SDG’s,

can be clustered around three main areas:*Human Development, Security and Poverty Eradication

for all people*Governance, Participation and Access to Justice*Natural Resources use and Cross

Sectorial Development areas When the MDGs expire in 2015 the SDGs and post-MDG framework

must be incorporated together to serve a broader context where the emphasis is placed on the

harmonisation of economic, societal development and environmental limitations. The key is a

comprehensive and universal approach which will help build trust between the global north and

south. The Major Group Children and Youth and international youth organisations have played a

key role in bringing together north-south and south-south approaches to development, therefore

our role in any combined process must be ensured.


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