COP22/CMP Closing Plenary Statement Women and Gender Constituency, Marrakesh, Morocco

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Closing Plenary Statement

COP22/CMP - Marrakesh, Morocco

November 19, 2016

Thank you Mister Chair,

My name is Carmen Capriles and I speak on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency.

As soon as you return home you will probably enjoy a refreshing shower - a privilege I won’t have because my city La Paz in Bolivia is suffering from water shortages due to long drought and melting glaciers. No Loss and Damage compensation will be provided to us. Therefore, I join millions of women around the world asking for concrete, urgent and meaningful actions to tackle climate change.

Today, 15 years after the first decision to improve women's participation was adopted at COP7, we leave Marrakech finally with a decision to develop a 3 year work Programme and mandate for a gender action plan.

We will work at all levels to ensure that climate actions and policies protect, promote and fulfill the rights of people of all genders, intergenerational equity, environmental and ecosystem integrity and decent work for all. We need transformation of economies, political institutions and societies with a just transition to democratic 100% renewable energy systems that are decentralised, gender-just, environmentally friendly and nuclear free.

We are not on track to stay below 1.5 degrees. We ask Parties to urgently review your NDCs to dramatically cut emissions in line with the CBDR, and include all elements of the Paris Agreement, in particular gender equality and human rights. This means that climate negotiations cannot include multinational corporations who profit from planetary destruction and advocate against climate action. It also means that we must immediately stop exploration for more coal, oil and gas.

We also reject market-based mechanisms, the privatisation of climate finance and offsetting proposals to address the climate crisis. Furthermore, we call for public climate finance that is gender-responsive to implement mitigation and adaptation actions consistent with poverty reduction commitments.

Women, youth and Indigenous peoples are telling you that unending growth, overconsumption and privatisation entrench structural inequalities. As the climate stakes rise, women human rights defenders protecting their land and water are at risk of being murdered by governments and corporations. Women climate justice activists like me should not be outlawed and criminalized.

A just and transformational future requires women to be equal participants in all levels of decision-making.

Today we call for gender justice and climate justice NOW!

Thank you.

Closing plenaries webcast:

(from 8:34:15 to 8:37:10)

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